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Surprisingly, Up Against the Sky is Dave Gunning’s first vinyl release! As a record collector, I can only hope that Dave can justify the expense and continues to release forthcoming albums on vinyl.

Dave’s latest album was recorded mostly in his home studio in Lyons Brook, Pictou County, NS with help from a host of east coast artists, including Jamie Robinson, Mark Lang and JP Cormier. Artists like George Canyon convinced Dave to go with his first instinct and record the album using more old fashioned-style recording techniques, featuring room mics and limiting the amount of editing.

The easier and less expensive approach to recording Dave’s latest album would’ve been to make a record with just himself and his guitar, but I suspect that Dave isn’t the type of guy to take the easy way. The result is an album that features beautiful string, piano and horn arrangements and fantastic guitar that all serve to shine the spotlight brightly on honest lyrics about real life.

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